More About Lisa . . .

Lisa has spent the majority of her career working to improve conditions in urban neighborhoods, whether by developing and implementing strategies to expand affordable housing, providing a roadmap for police reform, or by leading multiple efforts to improve K-12 education.

Lisa’s Skills

Launching new initiatives– She has extensive experience starting and managing campaigns, projects and organizations. Recent examples include launching Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Mayoral campaign and Transition, as well as Chicago’s $30+M Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund. In doing this, she has overseen multiple functions, such as fundraising, project design and management, communications and staffing.

Relationship building and management – Lisa has a long history of developing and maintaining partnerships and alliances. For example, while working for Mayor Lightfoot, she launched the Chicago Philanthropy Partnership, a coalition of Chicago’s largest foundations that are working to support the City’s priorities. As school board president, Lisa has been working with all stakeholder groups to safely provide in-person instruction District-wide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program management –Lisa led planning teams for long-term efforts, such as the Chicago Housing Authority’s $1.7 billion Plan for Transformation and the Mid-South Education Plan to transform education on Chicago’s south side. She has also managed shorter-term projects such as the Policy Accountability Task Force and Mayor Lightfoot’s 1st annual anti-poverty summit.

Board of Education Experience – Lisa has close 4 to years of experience on the Board of Education. She took on a variety of leadership roles on the Board, including Board President for the last two years. As Board President, she has steered the District through a global pandemic, maximizing in-person instruction, but putting safety first. She led the search for Dr. Lechner’s replacement, which resulted in the hiring of Dr. Cremascoli and supported her during the transition. As a member of the Board, she has participated in solutions to some of the District’s long term challenges, such as how to provide all-day Kindergarten.

Lisa brings the following skills to the Board of Education:

Lisa’s Current Professional Focus

Currently she is running two initiatives.  The first is called Neighborhood Activation – a place-based strategy to reduce violence in Garfield Park.  This effort is a pilot project that will serve as a blueprint for reducing gun violence in other communities on the south and west sides.  The second initiative involves leading a team to develop a new two-generational promise program in Chicago that will leverage the existing post-secondary infrastructure to provide free post-secondary education and supports to tens of thousands of Chicago Public School students and their parents.

Lisa’s track record of service in Wilmette

Lisa has more than a decade of service to the Wilmette Community. For District 39, Lisa has served in a variety of roles at the school and district level. On the school level, she’s been an enrichment coordinator, arts awareness coordinator, room parent, family to family chair, member of the Learning Commons Planning Committee and pinch-hitting volunteer-at-large. On the District level, Lisa served on the Village-Wide PTO and on the CRC as both member and president.

Around Wilmette, she has served as a soccer coach and manager, a long-standing and past board member of the League of Women voters, and represented Wilmette on the New Trier Caucus.